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Comments from petition signers
"Last April I was in an accident at the New Gretna tollbooth and my best friend was killed. ...She was only 17 yrs. old. She had a long life to live and it was all ended by the tollbooth".

About half of all people signing the online petition include a comment. Most are brief, like "Stop the madness", "Enough is enough", "Tolls are dangerous", and "Just DO IT". The most common themes are safety concerns, frustration with politicians, anger over how much tolls waste and unfair treatment, removing tolls from the Turnpike too, and support for what CAT is trying to do. And some people take the time to write quite a bit (...how they get all of that into that little comment box I'll never know). Here are some of the thousands we have recieved so far:

We the people are speaking. ...Is anyone listening?

Please stop wasting our hard earned money in this unwise manner. Now is not the time for fiscal irresponsibility (is any ever a good time?)

Governor McGreevey: During your campaign, you promised to remove tolls within 7 years on the GSP. When do you intend to start keeping your promises? Remove the tolls on the Garden State Parkway now!

End the tolls. Stop taxpayer waste, political patronage, decrease pollution, and give a damn about the people who sit in needless traffic jams due to unnecessary toll booths.

It's time to find legislator(s) that will stand against toll collection and has the backbone/guts in removing the barriers in any highway.

Tolls are nothing but a cash cow for the state. The money collected are not serving the bridges instead they are giving it to PATCO etc.

Enough of public financial milking. Remove the barriers of free driving. Never forget, I'm the employer and you are my employee and your performance is a failure.

I was 1 of 1200 people back 12 years ago that showed up at the capitol stairs to remove the tolls It was said then that 87 cents of every dollar was the cost to collect the toll

Please get rid of the archaic user fee "toll" system, including "e-z pass". Raise the fuel tax or some other existing tax to raise the revenue. The toll booth system is dangerous, cumbersome and inefficient.

Toll highways are not necessary & dangerous. Raise the gasoline tax a few pennies. It is just plain common sense.

I don't understand why more tolls are being built in Ocean County.

I now avoid the Garden State Highway because I am afraid of an accident waiting to happen. Since EZ-Pass was put into place, it is a much more dangerous highway to travel on. Now they want to raise the speed to 55 miles per hour, are they crazy or what? Governor McGreevey never travels on that highway, he uses his helicopter to take him to his vacation home down in the shore. Eliminate McGreevey as well. He makes Florio look like a saint.

Governor - You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You as our leader should have done away with it. You're as bad as Christy.

What is the cost of accidents created by toll booths?

This issue should be the #1 issue in the next NJ state election for governor! If necessary, let the Interstate (the turnpike) pay for the Intrastate (the parkway)! This would make a good bumper sticker slogan!

I'm so for removing the tolls on the GSP and NJTP. I can't tell you how many times I have almost been in an accident because someone wants to shoot across the lanes. Also there are times I have seen the back up from Exit 120 to the Raritan Tolls for no other reason than the merge after the tolls.

The frustration driving the parkway is one of the most unfair practices that the hard working people of NJ should not have to contend with. If the governor takes down the tolls and does this one thing he will have my vote and many of my friends. It is about time that the government does something for the people!!!!

Tolls are a ridiculous concept in our state. Making people stop repeatedly to collect causes more waste than it collects.

I have been traveling the GSP for 12 years now and the traffic has worsened considerably in recent years. I travel from brick to Paterson and pay $4.10 round trip per day. At 5 days a week with a full time job, sometimes 6 days, that $1,066 a year! That is just crazy. I can hardly afford to continue this commute. Please listen to the comments that we post here.

What nerve to charge us for a road. People use them to get to work to pay these Fat-Cats at the end of the year, more taxes off of our wages. It takes less skill to work a toll booth than McDonalds, and yet they make $40,000+ per year. It is extortion!

Tolls are dangerous - was almost killed trying to get into the right lane to pay with cash.

We could have spent the $500+ million for EZ-Pass to better the state and its beaches.

I live here 9 months out of the year and I hate tolls! How much do sidewalks cost to build and maintain?? Why aren't their tolls on them? I don't want anyone taking a free walk on my dollar...when will it end? Why can't the roads be paid for the same way all the other roads in New Jersey are paid for? No double jeopardy, NO DOUBLE TAXATION. Out of state visitors pay taxes via the gas tax and by eating out in NJ. Not to mention the support their patronage provides to our local businesses. Over tax 'em and they'll quit coming.

Please, somebody, get rid of these barrier tolls. Also, I don't have nor will I get E-Z pass. Lets all get the real easy-pass by ending tolls. I've driven the parkway since 1955 and it just gets worse every year.

Remove tolls for the safety of people. (8800)

Tolls waste time, energy, and are hazardous. I am willing to pay more in gas or income taxes to remove the tolls.

It's so hard to use the tolls when your from out of state. Everyone speeds up to get there first and numerous occasions I have almost been hit, and this is all over 35 cents? I don't think the toll paying is worth my life.

The fact that NJ has to spend millions to collect tolls is ridiculous!!! Tolls are a major source of traffic jams and accidents. I commute 51 miles twice a day on the parkway and the most upsetting and aggravating part of the daily trip is sitting for twenty minutes at the Raritan tolls just to get through. EZ-Pass is an even bigger joke than the tolls! There has got to be a better way!!

I've been suffering with this for too long and I can't believe that tolls are allowed to continue. Have you considered class action? If so check out www.pomlaw.com, a leading NY area class action law firm.

Question: New Jersey put a new tollbooth, I believe it's exit 77 on the GSP. The signs above the tolls say "No toll today" or something to that extent. Why spend "our" money to construct a new toll both and not use it? It has been this way for about a year.

My wife and I just turned 65. I think it is time to reduce tolls and taxes so I can stay in New Jersey and not move to a Florida or North Carolina.

There is no need for the tolls on the Parkway. All it does is create traffic, pollution, road rage, and fill the pockets of certain individuals.

Governor: I support removal of tolls and you. You have not addressed one campaign issue that affects everyone in the state. New Jersey needs to be liberated!!

Start by eliminating the Union and Raritan tolls - these are dangerous bottlenecks

What is the point of collecting tolls when it appears to cost more to collect the tolls than is spent on maintenance? It is unfortunate that such a huge bureaucratic complex has developed over the years-why didn't the GSP stop tolls in '72? Fiduciary mismanagement? Greed? Corruption? Furthermore, the way that the mismanaged EZ Pass was to be paid was ludicrous! By fining toll offenders! It appeared that they wanted you to get caught because they kept randomly switching the cash and token lanes and leaving as few of those as possible, almost forcing one to use EZ Pass. I deliberately didn't get EZ Pass because it was a failed system from the start. The infrastructure needed to run it doesn't save money it simply puts more money into the pockets of the corrupt politicians and the toll mafia that will keep the hard money supply flowing!

Removing the tolls from our roads will substantially lower accidents, therefore saving lives of drivers & passengers, including children! Reason enough to do so. But in addition, it would save N.J. taxpayers millions in wasted funds on an archaic system most other states don't use anymore. If you really are the progressive Governor you say you are, you will use this opportunity to prove it. And of course you would make yourself extremely popular with New Jersey voters, as an additional benefit.

This would be a great accomplishment for the state.

Please remove the tolls. They add nothing but aggravation in New Jersey, especially the Turnpike. The exit ramps are not designed for this much traffic and EZ-Pass causes chaos when everyone bottlenecks at the bottom of the ramps and fights to cut through traffic to get to the tollbooth.

We need to eliminate turnpike tolls as well!

Eliminate all tolls within the state of New Jersey on all publicly and privately owned roadways. Non-Barrier travel along these roadways will prevent accidents. Allow local, county, as well as the NJSP to enforce motor vehicle Title 39 laws to there fullest.

Tolls and the highest auto insurance in the country are two ways that New Jersey keeps money out of their people's pockets and hurt our state economy.

Your information has provided invaluable insight. Thank you! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help to have the tolls removed.

Tolls are a waste of money. 35 cents to drive 7 miles! Like NJ is not expensive enough.

I strongly support Rep. DeCroce's efforts to eliminate tolls on the GSP.

Tolls are dangerous. From experience, I've been hit there, from behind, more than once. Now mostly I take back roads to avoid tolls.

Please fund the Parkway in the same clean, efficient, safe, and fair way as all the non-toll roads in NJ.

It makes no sense at any level to have these road blockers.

Next remove tolls from NJTP from x1-x10 for trucks since they're not allowed most routes to I287N like NJ31, US202, 206 etc. unless local del! Unfair to force someone to drive out of the way and charge them for it, even though we also pay for those extra miles in fed + state fuel tax!!!

I hate the tolls more than anything. They are anti-environment, anti-business, anti-free-trade (think about this one), and anti-citizen. Since when is it "American" to start copying the Europeans (France has a lot of toll roads)

I have commuted on the Parkway for the past 35 years and have always paid the tolls. I received a ticket in the mail recently saying that I failed to pay a toll last month. I always pay, and I never miss with coins or tokens, but it appears as if I will be forced to pay a ticket for something which I am not guilty of. How many other people unjustly receive such tickets? This has created quite a bit of mental anguish on my part because I have spent my entire life priding myself on my honesty and integrity. It's my word against the Parkway collection system, and there doesn't seem as if there's any way that I can prove that this is a mistake. Bad enough that we have to pay for a road which should be toll free. But adding insult to injury by unjustly accusing a motorist of trying to cheat the system is unconscionable! Please!, eliminate toll collection to keep other people from having to be submitted to this type of injustice.

Please let me know how else I can help this cause. The tolls MUST be stopped before this really gets out of hand... Look at all of the accidents on the GSP...what percentage are caused by abrupt slow downs and speed ups at the toll booths??

With the new E-Z pass system set up, more accidents are occurring due to people speeding right through. We pay enough through the taxes we pay to begin with. Why pay more plus add to our already contaminated air with added pollution caused by traffic congestion due to these ridiculous tolls? (8700)

The tolls on the Parkway cause too many accidents and too much congestion. I commute about 140 miles a day on this road. It's ludicrous in this day and age to have such a barbaric system to raise revenue.

Who are the tolls really helping? Not the people that live in NJ. Let's do something smart, for a change, and take the toll booths down.

If the politicians listened to us before EZ Pass, we would have saved over a billion dollars on that fiasco alone. It's time to suck it up and cut our losses.

Tolls are just another way to rob the citizens of NJ. Please stop the insanity.

My personal opinion is that the tolls should be eliminated as per a recent article I read by Paul Mulshine of the Star Ledger. The article raised a question as to the "self liquidation" of the Parkway as per the state legislature when the Parkway was created. I would guess that by now, this roadway has been paid for over and over again. Maybe the pigs at the trough aren't finished dining yet!!!

Either take away the tolls on the Parkway & Turnpike or make everything a pay as you go and take away all taxes. This way everyone pays their fair share.

At this point, the only reason we have the tolls, is to pay the employees and retirees.

How loud do you have to yell to be heard here?

I hate the New Jersey tolls. They are a waste of time and money. The Raritan toll is a joke and a death trap!

The tolls are an absolute joke. They cause more problems than can be put into words, yet the political idiots could care less.

END TOLLS DOT COM IS THE GREATEST. Thank you for organizing the fight against tolls.

Without the tolls the Garden State Parkway would be safer and we would save a few $million plus gallons of gasoline.

These tolls have to go NOW. The governor wants to play politics with money that's collected and then dumped right down the political rat hole. Come on Jim, its time to wake up to the real dangers caused by toll barriers. Let's put it on the ballot for the voters to decide. But we know this will never happen because the tolls would be history after the vote.

Tolls are a lie to the public that thinks they are necessary. The government and the toll commissions made the tolls happen by increased spending, debt creation and "BIG" salary positions. Seems like a "communist tax" or a forced imposition for no GOOD reason to me.

I travel the Parkway daily and I am getting sick and tired of waiting at the Raritan toll plaza for up to an hour sometimes to pay a stupid toll. It make me late for work and I work just on the other side of the parkway bridge at exit 127. Just get rid of the damn things already. It has been paid for by my parents and now I am paying for it. Whats next my two year old son is going to get this burden.

Barrier tolls are an absurd anachronism that should have been left in the 20th century. They continue for no other apparent reason than being a politician's cash cow. It's high time that the public became incensed enough to put an end to this long running scam.

Have written letters to McGreevey, James Fox and feel so powerless with these opportunistic egomaniacs. Thanks for your time & effort


I drove up from AC in the last big snow storm & they even made you pay the tolls that day causing delays of about and hour at some toll booths. Ridiculous.

The toll roads are a waste of time and resources. Let's bring NJ out of the Middle Ages!! (8600)

Tolls ruined my life.

Let the inter-state (the Turnpike) pay for the intra-state (the Parkway)!!! Add on a nickel for the Turnpike tolls and that will pay for Parkway repairs, less Parkway salaries, benefits, over-time, administration, etc.!!!! It's time for some COMMON SENSE! ALSO, let's rename the Atlantic City Expressway and call it The 'Frank Sinatra' Expressway!!!!! (the biggest name ever to come out of the state of New Jersey!....(and I'm Country Music fan!))

Tolls should be eliminated - but then whose pockets will they pick?

I personally am willing to pay more in taxes to alleviate the stress which I feel is directly caused by traffic funneling into and out of toll plazas on the GSP. I feel our way of life would improve dramatically if we did away with the toll collections on the GSP; I feel that the toll plazas are the #1 cause of traffic slowdowns here in New Jersey and I bet we would have fewer automobile accidents if we could somehow end the collections of tolls on the GSP. I reiterate, WHATEVER IT TAKES, increase taxes if necessary...improve our way of life here in New Jersey by getting rid of the tolls on the GSP!!!

Is NJ waiting for what happened on the Merrit Pkwy, when 23 were killed at a toll booth?

Please eliminate the toll problem throughout the state of New Jersey. EZ-Pass is an absolute failure costing us hundreds of millions of dollars. End tolls not only on the Parkway, but also on the Turnpike and any other place that we have tolls. For what a toll costs, a third of that is being put back to just run the system, what kind of system is this?

The current toll booth situation is extremely dangerous.

I use the Parkway & Turnpike everyday to go back and forth to work. It seems that most of the tie up is at the tollbooths, and that also is where most of the accidents are. Cars are always cutting into different lanes coming up to a tollbooth not even thinking who is on the side of them or coming up behind them. If we get rid of the tolls and the money that is going into EZ-Pass and the people that run the system we could put more police on the roads with that money. Toll collectors or police - which do you think is more important?

I travel the Parkway every day and the traffic is always backed up for miles before and after the tolls. It not only costs me a lot of money every year, but the amount of time I loose is terrible.

I am proud to see that there citizens willing to take the time and energy to fight this battle, I will forward your e mail address to everyone I know and ask that they also sign your petition. I believe it is time that the legislators started taking their direction from the voters of NJ and stop pandering to the people who make huge contributions to their campaigns. The dollars spent on EZ pass to date is insanity, and to continue to spend additional dollars is pure unadulterated stupidity!!!

Recently, another fee of $12 per year has been added to E-Z Pass. It is the straw that breaks the camel's back. I just cancelled my E-Z Pass "membership".

"Easy passage" not easy pass should be the states goal. However it is frustrating to realize that in NJ where corruption and political patronage are king, it is not likely the state will give up this influx of cash regardless of logic.

Short and sweet: Tolls Suck!!

Tolls are taxation without representation. Get rid of them!

Enough is enough. The Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Turnpike have been paid thousand times over.

It's nothing but robbery.

Conn. took the tolls RT 95 years ago and they are doing fine.

I am watching what you do on this issue...and I vote! (8500)

Enough is enough! All we do is continue to pump more money into a road that was designed to be paid for a long time ago. Other states have beautiful "toll free" roads except for New Jersey. It is truly embarrassing when people have to travel or commute through our state.

E-Z Pass was put place to help cure many problems, however, it just made thing more difficult. Plus at high cost, which cause more accidents. The answer is simple, just take the toll centers down.

Come on, legislators! Other states have done it successfully, why can't we? It's time to serve those who elected you and look for creative ways to solve the state's problems, and traffic congestion caused by the toll booths IS a problem. Stop the politicking and DO something...challenge yourselves. The voters will thank you, and you'll be dong something "Common Sense" as well.

No more toll roads! They're inefficient, unfair, dirty and dangerous. And I don't even use them! Most times it's longer and out of the way just to GET to the toll road than using the "free" roads to where I'm going. Good riddance!

Two years ago Christmas Eve I got rear- ended on the parkway by a New York Driver trying to get into the "Correct" lane. After slamming into me he took off proceeding to run the toll. After the police arrived they said "we lost him".

Please end tolls on the GS Parkway. I travel the road each day and with the advent of EZ Pass, the problem has only gotten worse as motorists find themsrlves consistently in the wrong lane and need to change lanes. This is a traffic hazard! It's time for tolls to go.

Tolls are a menace. Highway funds have been mismanaged for decades. Time for a change in the right direction. Set up a trust fund for the roadway, and eliminate the tolls gradually.

Get rid of the tolls. We pay for road maintenance thru the fuel taxes. Why the double payment?

Mr. McGreevey, tear those toll down!

There is not now, nor will there ever be an efficient way to collect tolls. Rather, tolls are merely a make-work process and patronage job opportunity that does not contribute to the public welfare. I am opposed to any option, government or otherwise that spends $.70 to collect $1.00.

Now ezpass is charging a $1.00 "monthly membership fee" What next? a new BMW for the governor fee?

It's a death trap, let's get rid of the Parkway tolls

I remember my Grandparents telling me that the Parkway tolls would come down when the road was paid for. They never saw it, will my children? Of course there are costs involved to maintain it, but other major NJ roads are taken care of as well if not better than the Parkway / Turnpike.

Why throw good money after the bad investment? Just cut our losses, and get out of "toll collection business" immediately!!!

The argument apparently believed by many state officials, that fines collected from toll cheats would effectively pay for the entire E-Z Pass system is in gross violation of logic and common sense. To subscribe to this argument, one has to believe that toll cheats will continually pay high cost fines instead of 35 cent tolls! If these people are not inclined to pay 35 cents, they surely won't be inclined to pay $10 - $20 fines or more. Alternatively, if a forceful mechanism is in place that succeeds in extracting the payment of fines from toll cheats, they will cease their cheating and no longer be the funding source the state was counting on! We now have a system that will cost ALL taxpayers roughly $750 million plus the payment of tolls by users of the system. Tolls obviously have many other costs as well: traffic congestion, loss of worker productivity resulting from time wasted in lines, accidents from jockeying for lane positions, wasted gasoline and related air pollution, etc. The excruciatingly obvious solution is to completely eliminate all tolls - not put a band-aid on a fundamentally flawed system as the current administration plans to do. A modest rise of the existing tax on gasoline, earmarked for state road maintenance, would eliminate this toll collection insanity and be optimally efficient. The cost to collect a toll in this fashion is ZERO vs. $750 million.

The tolls are the cause of many accidents and the high speed tolls will only add to the problem! Remove the tolls on the GSP and add tax to the gasoline. The price of gas in NJ is cheaper then NY anyway.

I travel 60 miles to work everyday on the parkway. I am sick and tired of sitting in toll lines. In rush hour it sometimes takes me 2 or more hours to get to work. All the delays are almost always because of tolls. Most of the accidents happen because of tolls. People trying to find their lane cutting off other motorists. Accidents also caused by motorists trying to get back into less lanes coming out of the tolls. Tolls costs us in accidents, time, gas, and insurance costs. They have to stop now.

Why the heck should nearly half a billion dollars be used to improve ways of collecting my money?!?!?

Thank you for what you're doing. they removed the toll barriers on the Connecticut turnpike why can't in be done on the parkway? those toll booths have lots of blood on them.

Tolls are a waste of time and money. Our elected leaders get paid a great sum of money to come up with creative solutions to problems that plague our state. I'd like to see those creative juices begin to flow. End the tolls now. (8400)

I can't even get EZ Pass to answer the phone to fix my account. They can not handle the amount of people they have as customers now. And it is a pain to pay tolls (causes traffic) Get rid of them NOW!!!!!

This is a no BRAINER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it's shameful the way New Jersey gouges the pockets of it's residents year after year to keep this atrocity open. Shut it down now!

Those parkway tolls cause more near accidents than ever before with the "brilliant" E-ZPass system. Traffic is constantly backed up. Get rid of them already!

Tolls are a great injustice to the taxpayers of New Jersey. The traffic alone in the state that I have resided in my entire life is enough to drive a man crazy. It takes me one and a half hours to commute forty miles every morning and evening of my life. Not to mention the added expense. I know you pledged to remove tolls in your campaign and now do you not only plan on removing them but you plan increasing them. <deleted expletive> you!

Stop the governmental greed and lying.

People just aren't sure where to go. Confusing signage, it's evident the government wants to make it just so everyone will just sign up for this E-ZPass. I don't find people using E-ZPass get any further in their travel than by persons paying with change. Their problems with the electronics have added more headaches than just stopping to pay a toll to a toll worker. I just don't understand why Connecticut can actually remove tolls and NJ just keeps getting in deeper and deeper. When you make a mistake, own up to it.

Why should we continue to pour money into a debt ridden political effort? If you are on a dead horse---get off it. Knock down the toll booths. Connecticut did it and they are surviving.

I think we need to get more businesses involved because of all the lost man hours. Think of how many thousands and thousands of working hours are lost because our people are sitting in traffic caused by these greedy toll people. When I was a small boy I remember reading a story of a troll that would charge a toll to cross his bridge that he lived under. I never thought that that story would come true. Thanks for this opportunity to complain to someone that will listen. Keep up the hard work and if I can help in a small way I will.

While you're at it, see if you can also remove the bozo politicians from the Garden State!

Since the tolls present a clear and present danger to the public, could a class action law suit be filed against the State or Parkway Authority? Please respond. I'm not an attorney but I would like to help.

Tolls are the reason for 99% of all the traffic I hit on my way to work.

As a result of parkway tolls, I avoid using the roadway as much as possible. Tolls are a shameless avenue of political patronage which should be discontinued.

Politicians don't spend our money wisely. Why give them more money to spend unwisely? Get rid of the source for more bonds and at the same time clean up NJ's roads and reduce pollution and traffic congestion. Its a WIN-WIN situation. The only ones who lose are the politicians who can't use the money to fund more pet projects or hire more relatives. Definition of a Politician: A cheat, a liar, and a crook that we give the responsibility of doing what we say with our money. A definition of an idiot: Someone who trusts or believes a politician.

If you pass the $1.00 per month tax on EZ-Pass holders and remove the discount on the parkway I hope all EZ-Pass holders like myself cancel our accounts which will increase congestion and require many more toll collectors.

You have learned well to be a copy of Florio. (8300)

I have received about 10-12 violation statements in error, only to have them dismissed later.

Why on top of tolls do we need to pay $1.00 a month to use ez-pass? Using ez-pass was supposed to help the state with lower labor costs.

I've lived in 3 other states in my life. This is the only one where you pay to walk on sand and drive on asphalt. I don't like being charged to drive on public roads and THEN BE PENALIZED by being charged each month for typical NJ Govt screw ups.

Last April I was in an accident at the New Gretna tollbooth and my best friend was killed. My best friend was Donna Clayton. She was only 17 yrs. old. She had a long life to live and it was all ended by the tollbooth. Please there have been so many deaths on the parkway it is about time we get rid of these tollbooths.

I am a lifelong resident of New Jersey and find the toll booths on the GSP to be one of the bad jokes about how you know you're in New Jersey.

What an outrageous way to run the roads of NJ. Dangerous, time-consuming, environmentally disastrous, expensive. There are other ways to pay for these roads. Please listen to our pleas!

I have been voicing my opposition to all kinds of toll, but who is listening? Now toll collectors have a big lobby in Trenton. Don't expect any thing done by McGreevey. We shall just keep on paying more & more for toll collection. Don't be surprised by the strong lobby. They want to keep their 50-100,000 jobs for doing nothing. I expect politicians throw a lot more of our money at it, before inevitable will happen!! How many more accidents have to happen? How many more lives have to be lost, before the tolls are taken out?? Just remove all the tolls immediately. Nothing less will do. The longer they wait, the costs will keep on accumulating, and we are paying for that!!

It's a travesty that the State of New Jersey, with all of the revenue that it collects from exorbitant sales, income and property taxes, not to mention the lottery and Atlantic City gambling revenues must oppress its citizens toll collections. Where is this money going besides politicians back pockets? And now you want to penalize the hard-working commuter who utilizes EZ Pass just to get by with a monthly fee? How stupid do you think people are? You just lost my vote!

I cannot believe spending millions more for high speed ezpass can do anything for the current deficit except add to it! And adding the ridiculous membership fee is an outrage. Looks like my responders are going to be turned in soon.

Enough is enough we have to show to our government officials that we care our New Jersey.

The toll system in place right now has made driving the Garden State Parkway more dangerous than ever.

Certainly there are other jobs that can be created for the toll takers etc. that needn't cause stress to commuters, This whole toll business makes for a great deal of stress for commuters.

The absurd tolls and the pollution/accidents they cause is just one of the reasons I moved out of NJ and took my tax dollars with me.

It is so sad they can not find a better way to collect money for road services, which by the way, are not that great anyway.

The Parkway is principally used by NJ residents or tourists who bring money into the state. To penalize us is a mistake. The trip both up and down the Parkway would speed up without tolls. Right now, the monies being raised are used to pay salaries; this was not the original intent.

As confusing and chaotic as traffic is at the tolls, I would have to believe that high speed e-z pass would prove to be deadly!

After constantly reading about the problems tolls can cause, I finally decided it was time to join a group who wanted to do something about it. Not only is it unfair to still have tolls on roads that have been paid for, but the increasing cost of paying those who operate these tolls is the largest cause of its constant debt. Don't even get me started on EZ-Pass!! (8200)

If Connecticut could get rid of their tolls ten years ago why can't we?

This state needs to wake up. I am from Oregon, I have seen two bridges (including a 3.5 mile bridge across the Columbia River) paid for by tolls, and then the TOLLS HAVE ENDED. Wake up, NJ - this is a tax, lock, stock and barrel. And a terrible wasteful one supporting a needless bureaucracy. Plus, a close relative to you may wind up being killed through a tragic tollbooth accident.

The time we waste on tolls is ridiculous. The wear & tear on your car that comes from the constant stop & go on a super highway is another problem. Let's not forget the Traffic problem, at times it can even cause major traffic tie ups (caused on purpose I feel so we can purchase EZ-Pass). And if we purchase EZ-Pass, that causes other problems with collection.

If they were to take down just one toll plaza it should be the Raritian toll plaza that is the one that causes the most problems for commuters.

I will cancel my EZ Pass account if there is a $1 per month charge for membership!

Don't waste money on expensive wrecking balls. Use explosives. It's cheaper. They feel better too. (please evacuate all toll collectors before hand!!)

Everyone benefits from highway travel, even people who never use the highways, because of reduced congestion on other roads. Raise the gasoline tax, use that money to pay for repairs.

I live in NY but work in NJ. It is not fair for government to collect taxes and tolls. I'm paying twice for the same thing. Let's not forget what the great Thomas Jefferson once said, "The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases."

After 22 years of living in Bayville, they've finally decided to build a parkway entrance and exit, which was only logical since the parkway runs right through the town. But now to have this "luxury" we have to pay a $.25 toll to go north bound and a $.25 toll to exit southbound, and then we are required to pay a $.35 toll 5 miles north of that at the Toms River toll booth. This has to end.

The EZ-Pass system is the worst NJ debacle since auto insurance.

NJ wants to protect interest of some people (officers and supervisors and workers of NJ Highway Authority) and forget about people who are majority, work hard to pay their bills. It is time for us to stand, unite and resolve this matter immediately.

Why did the state continue to pay for EZPASS - when it was such a mess from the beginning - Did we not learn our lesson from "Parsons" and the inspection mess?

When our roads were built we were told the tolls would be off when paid for. I think we've done that. Now we have EZ-TAX.

I find it very ironic that NJ is so determined to reduce auto emissions, but thinks nothing of keeping toll plazas that congest traffic thus increasing the amount of time a car must be on the road. It would seem that these two items are at cross purposes.

With present levels of traffic in New Jersey decreasing the quality of life for all its citizens I would think that state government needs to abandon a system that has long outlived any rational purpose.

All tolls should be done away with, especially bridges tunnels where most of your pollution, traffic back-up. The most horrendous situation's occur at these places, we have never been able to be rid of these what were suppose to be temporary. Bah humbug!! Gas tax is the way to go because people with moderate income can offset cost by buying vehicle that get higher gas mileage.

End senseless waste and fraud committed against the people of New Jersey by unscrupulous politicians

Now the governor would like us to pay a $1.00 per month for their inefficiencies.

Governor - your proposal to charge a "membership fee" of $1.00 per month is the straw that broke this camel's back. I just spoke to my wife and made the decision to move to another state. I'm not sure why you don't understand the plight of the 'average resident'. You were not in politics for all your working life, or were you? Well, us ordinary folks have been taxed, tolled, and taken advantage of by you politicians long enough. Listen to the people at Citizens Against Tolls. They have a plan that would eliminate the tolls. It's about time that you make an HONEST effort to do the right thing to make the lives of the ordinary class a little more tolerable.

Why are you only punishing e-zpass people with $1.00 increase? Every one should stop using their e-zpass then where will you find you money Mr. Governor!

If Bret Schundler could remove Parkway tolls by October, why can't we at least get started.

Born here and going broke here!

I drive the parkway 4 days a wk. to work from exit 40 to exit 100-B. It's a grueling commute. The expenses are terrible and the traffic is a nightmare. The GSP is one of the worst roads in the Country - mismanaged to the max.

Why do I have to pay tolls on top of the tax I already pay on my gasoline purchases?

Its time to start reducing our costs in this state. It is now out of hand. Start by getting rid of the toll system.

The tolls should have been eliminated YEARS ago. Last time I was on the parkway, I nearly got killed nearing a toll plaza. I do not have EZ Pass, since I do not drive it that much, so there was some confusion on my part as to which lane to go into. Pollution is another factor, and wasting gas. THE TOLLS HAVE TO GO!!!

The more I read about the issues in New Jersey, the more I get incensed that the state is run by self-serving individuals at the taxpayer's expense. The Parson's project and E-Z Pass are blatant examples of mismanagement at the highest levels of state government. There is no accountability or fiscal restraint and discipline. The people who run our state government have nothing to lose other than the taxpayers money. There is no incentive for them to vote one way or the other, other than pork barrel politics. I still think term-limits are the key to solving abuses of power at the highest levels. That way McGreevey and others aren't beholden to dinosaurs in state and national politics who have brainwashed and dictated policy to our leaders in exchange for getting their face in front of the camera, all at the taxpayers expense. McGreevey has hemmed and hawed about the budget mess he was left with but has done nothing to cut down on irresponsible state spending and initiatives such as the Newark arena. The budget he has approved is nearly twice the amount during the last Kean administration and the taxpayers have nothing to show for it except higher property taxes, more congestion, higher tolls and a higher sense among educated taxpayers that they are being taken for a ride. Any normal company facing a deficit would first look at cutting expenditures to get back in balance. McGreevey's attempt at this has been veiled and self serving. Nothing has changed. Salaries, promotions and longevity in state government should be earned by how well you serve the interests of all taxpayers not just the lobbyists, minorities and special interests. Our founding fathers would be appalled at how legally corrupt government has become. After all, lawyer backgrounds make up the vast majority of those who "serve" the people. (8100)

I can't imagine why the tolls still exist other than sheer incompetence and broken promises made by all politicians involved. My vote will never go to an incumbent that breaks promises and can't do what the voters have asked for.

The tolls were initially put in place to pay for the initial construction of the GSP which has been paid countless times over. Also they trick citizens of the state by running up huge deficits on the GSP due to the exorbitant salaries paid to the political cronies appointed to the GSP and the gross mismanagement they orchestrate. I say down with bureaucracy!!!! THIS IS LONG OVERDUE!!

Don't let anymore innocent people waiting to pay a 35 cent toll die, getting hit from behind or crossing to get into the right lane to pay!!!!

There is a better way to collect money for roads than tolls.

I hope that your efforts work and we get rid of the tolls. One problem, I never met a democrat that didn't meet a tax (and that what a toll is) that he didn't like.

Enough tolls already!! And stop trying to force EZ Pass down our throats!!!

A legislator FOR removing tolls gets my vote!

I live in the worst area of the parkway where there is a toll for 4 exits in a row (Exit 154, Exit 153, Exit 151 (my exit) and then the toll plaza going south). It is ridiculous and unsafe. I support this safety and less expensive commute proposal.

During your campaign you stated you were in favor of ridding NJ of toll booths within 7 years. Please make this promise come to light.

Toll booths simply create traffic jams and are a safety hazard. They should be banned everywhere.

Tolls BAD!

I have been plagued repeatedly by APR's from the NJ highway authority, which allege that I have failed to pay a toll on the GSP. I have a valid and working EZ-Pass acct. I am careful to ride thru the EZPass lane at a slow speed. However, on many occasions the equipment seems to fail. I surmise that this must occur 100's of times (at least) every day. I am convinced that this failure is due to a defect in the system. This is causing me, and I assume many other honest motorists, a lot of aggravation and expense (i.e. postage & time lost). Is there no acknowledgment or redress to this situation? Why should the users bear the brunt of the failure of the system? (8100)

Free us from this perpetual bondage.

The Parkway tolls hurt the environment, endanger safety, and cause congestion. They serve no purpose other than to create jobs for toll collectors. This stinks. Bret Schundler was right. The parkway tolls could be eliminated in 6-months, but only with governor in office who cared about the common good instead of the special-interest groups like toll collectors, bureaucrats, etc.

I simply cannot believe you not only refuse to end tolls, but you took away tokens after all that money was put into those accident causing signs and road markings! Does anyone see how dangerous tollbooths are?? So many people changing lanes etc. I am embarrassed by our state.

EZ-Pass is a pain in the a-- and takes up to much space and confuses the average driver.

Criminal waste of public money, moral waste of energy resources and utterly unconscionable waste of everybody's time.

I recently had a stent put in my heart to relieve a blockage. The G.S.P. has many more blockages than I had. Lets open the flow so New Jersey's heart beats regularly without these cross highway barriers that act as plaque to the heart.

I was rear ended at a tollbooth. They are dangerous and environmentally unsound!

Life is getting to complicated and hard, lets make it easier and remove these tolls!

I Live in Ocean County and we are especially dependant on the Parkway to go anywhere. I am extremely resentful that I pay federal and state taxes that go elsewhere and then have to pay AGAIN to go locally anywhere.

I've almost been involved in a hand full of accidents because of them. They are not worth it.

McGreevey's claim to eliminate tolls in 7 years is a shameless fraud and insult to the intelligence of the citizen's of New Jersey. This toll issue has already festered for years. There is no reason to continue it for 7 years more, except to lure voters to re-elect McGreevey at the end of his first 4 years.

Pollution, pollution, pollution, how many ways can you spell it before the politicians get it?

Tolls are a hazard and a complete waste of fossil fuels. Keeping the tolls makes us rely even more on foreign oil producers.

I waste more time and see more accidents due to congestion caused by tolls on the Parkway. Please find another way to fund the parkway and let me get to work and back home in one piece. (8000)

I have lived in NJ for 24 yrs and recently moved to Arizona for health reasons. I hope to return to the Garden state someday and removing the tolls from the GSP would make commuting a lot easier and cut down on traffic. I support any proposition that would eliminate all tolls in NJ.

The tolls are dangerous, a hazard, smelly, and annoying.

With all the fumes emitted from cars while waiting at the tolls, why aren't the environmentalists up in arms? It makes me wonder.

Tolls are insulting to the intelligence of the people of New Jersey, especially when sitting in long time wasting, aggravating lines waiting for your turn to throw your few cents in the basket.

It is tiresome having to sit in traffic for hours when it is unnecessary. At the end of the day you are tired and just want to get home. Please stop this injustice to the people of New Jersey.

Keep your promise Mr. McGreevey.

I spend over $100 a month on tolls - this is NOT fair!!! I am so tired of it! I also pay $6500/year in property tax, insane amounts of income tax, not including all the sales tax too. Isn't that enough?

I feel so strongly that the toll booths are such a hazard, I travel from 98 to 142 every day- the number of accidents caused by the confusion around the toll booths is criminal. Should I ever be one of those accidents, my lawyers and I are already prepared for the lawsuits. The reports have shown that the parkway executives and state have known and acknowledged the dangers, as well as the pollution these booths cause, proves their culpability, therefore their liability.

EZ-Pass is not working. The lines at the tolls are longer then ever and were not even into the summer yet. The tolls have to go now!

I see that today in the paper there was a death on the Garden State Parkway of one of our own young women stopping to pay a toll. What does it take to wake you all up!

There was yet another fatality this past week. An innocent 17 year old Pt. Pleasant girl rear ended while paying a toll. Don't let her death be for nothing. Stop the Tolls!! Save Lives!!

These tolls are HORRIBLE! They cause traffic, accidents, and confusion. If you must collect revenue, then it should be collected the same way most tolls are collected...at one time! Having to drive through another tollbooth every few miles is ridiculous!

Keep them coming people! - jp

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