Updated 8/17/11




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Citizens Against Tolls

CAT is not collecting contributions at this time.

CAT is not actively having meetings at this time. However, many of it's core members continue the fight, so please help us by writing letters. Every voice counts.

As you may realize, we are faced with a difficult task. CAT leaders have spent countless hours arranging meetings, accumulating petitions, making phone calls, mailing news letters, etc. We meet almost weekly to plan the next course of action. Tremendous progress has been made, but it is important for you keep writing letters - every voice counts!

We do our best on a small budget, but we do have expenses. We are at a disadvantage to the deep pockets the Parkway has for advertising (...your toll dollars at work). A mailing can cost us $150, and securing a meeting location can cost over $400. We even had to pay state tax for our efforts to make NJ better - a job our legislators are supposed to be doing!

If you have made a contribution to CAT, we sincerely thank you.

Citizens Against Tolls, Inc.
P.O. Box 497
Manasquan, NJ 08736

Note: Contributions are not tax deductible
(Our books are open to inspection)

Thank you