Updated 6/1/08




- Sign Petition
- Write Letters


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dot Sign Petition - Sign the Online Petition to be presented to the Governor. Exercise your democracy right from your own computer. Let's show Trenton what the Internet could be used for - should be used for.

dot Write Letters - Send letters and email to politicians. Or if they won't listen, write a letter to the editor. Here's several useful addresses. Columnists - we need you too!

dot Email Friends - Just send us your friends email addresses, and we'll email them a short message about Citizens Against Tolls.

dot Print Petition - Make copies, pass it around to those who don't have Internet access, then return it to the address on the petition. Or if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader and would like a better copy, click here to download PDF Petition.

dot Bumper Sticker - Got free space on your bumper? Help spread the word.

dot Link To Us - Add a link and/or a CAT banner to your web site. Choose from several banner ads that you can add to your site.