Updated 6/1/08

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Facts, figures, and news about toll collecting.

dot Toll Costs - The cost of collecting tolls on the Garden State Parkway. Toll collecting requires a force of hundreds of people and costs and estimated $70 million annually. Personally, I'd rather my tax dollars be spent on making roads, not on making change. Check out this list of some of the things your money pays for, plus a list of some of the salaries.


dot Tolls vs. Safety - The New Jersey Highway Authority touts the Parkway's safety record as "one of the best in the nation". But given the fact that the highest percentage of the accidents occur near the toll plazas (see graph below), we think the Parkway would be safer without tolls.

dot Financial Plan to remove tolls from the GSP - In response to the concerns of the public (...and lack of concern of our legislators), C.A.T. has developed a financial plan that will justify the elimination of tolls without raising taxes!

dot Tolls in the News - Newspaper headlines that should make everyone "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore".

dot CAT Press Releases & Announcements - Recent and past press releases, CAT news & history.


dot Politics - Tolls increase congestion, pollution, accidents & aggravation, waste billions of dollars, and unfairly charge a small group of people for something most of us get toll-free. The question to our legislators is: Do you support tolls?

dot Toll Toons - You can't have the news without the funnies.