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This section is mainly for those who think tolls are a good way to pay for roads. We strongly disagree with every pro-toll argument we have heard so far, and we have posted our rebuttal to them here.

So if you are for tolls, or aren't sure, please read the following pages. And if you find a pro-toll argument that you can't find on our site, please email the webmaster and I will gladly address it.

dot Are Tolls Fair? - Toll advocates like to say that tolls are a fair way to pay for roads - a "user fee". But simply put, a toll-free Parkway would be every bit as fair as a toll-free Route 78, 80, 280, 287, or any of the other 34,000 miles of toll-free roads in NJ. Why should such a small percentage of taxpayers pay so much more for the same service that the majority get toll free?

dot Pro-Toll Myths - Believe it or not, there are people who ignore the indisputable congestion, pollution, aggravation, and waste tolls cause and actually argue for them. "Tolls are fair", "Removing them would unfairly burden those who don't use the road", "You don't have to use the toll roads", etc. Nonsense! If you think tolls are a good way to pay for roads, please read our rebuttal to the most used pro-toll arguments.

dot Debate - "Road Warriors" debate between Star Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine and toll advocate Phil Beachem from the NJ Alliance for Action. Are Parkway tolls justifiable? Two sides of the debate. ...plus comments from CAT.

dot  A Taxing Question - Our response to Fran Wood's pro-toll Star Ledger column.

 dot NJTOLLS - CATs rebuttal to the arguments on NJ Alliance for Action's pro-tolls web site.

Actually, to be honest, there is one pro-toll argument that we haven't been able to dispute:


Tolls bring in revenue!