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If 95% of our state and federal highways are funded by taxes and maintained by one organization, the DOT, then why do we need three separate bureaucracies, hundreds of tollbooths, and an elaborate $488 million E-ZPass system to pay for the remaining 5%?

Who you can write to voice your opinions about tolls.

Senator Andrew R. Ciesla (SenCiesla@njleg.state.nj.us)
Chairperson, Senate Transportation Comm.
852 Hwy. 70
Brick, NJ 08724
(732) 840-9028

Assemblyman John S. Wisniewski
Chairperson, Assembly Transp. Committee
3145 Bordentown Ave., Suite B, Box 10
Parlin, NJ 08859

The following legislators have indicated they are in favor of removing tolls:

Assemblyman Steve Corodemus
40 First Ave.
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

Assemblyman Guy R. Gregg
268 Rt. 206, Bldg. D
Flanders, NJ 07836

Assemblywoman Loretta Weinberg
545 Cedar Lane
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Can't find your favorite politician? Find them on the NJ Legislature Home Page.

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Asbury Park Press - yourviews@app.com

Bergen Record - letterstotheeditor@bergen.com

Courier News - cnletter@c-n.com

Daily Record - letters@dailyrecord.com

Home News Tribune - letters@thnt.com

The Press of Atlantic City - letters@pressplus.com

The Times - letters@njtimes.com

Star Ledger - eletters@starledger.com

Columnists, we need you!

In 1998, Star-Ledger columnist John McLaughlin taught me a valuable lesson about the power of the press. Our problem started in 1995 when NJ gave us HOV lanes and said it was good. But we who needed this road said "nay, congestion, pollution, aggravation, and especially accidents are now worse - this is a bad joke". We formed a group, created a web site, and cast letters of logic and reason. New Jersey insisted that HOV lanes worked. We disagreed. Then they said that we would have to return hundreds of millions in funding (...which everyone would have to pay), but added "we'd like to get rid of HOV lanes" as some kind of consolation. It appeared that Rt. 80 driver just weren't a large enough voting block to matter.

So, why aren't there HOV lanes on Rt. 80 & 287 today? Because of John McLaughlin. The HOV lanes were always a joke, but John make them a front page joke, and apparently our elected officials don't like being a front page joke. You should have seen the rats jump ship. Even Christie herself was shown on the front page taking down the HOV signs. And what happened to that $200+ million we supposedly had to pay back? It was never heard from again.

Sound familiar?

This is our fight against tolls today. The minority who need the Parkway pay our share of taxes for roads, but get none of it back, and must pay an additional aggravating, inefficient, and polluting tax - tolls. We formed a group, we created a web site, we cast our letters of logic and reason, but so far all we have gotten from our leaders are more tolls and a heart-felt: "We'd like to get rid of the tolls too".